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Why Dealer Recall Solutions?

We have developed tools uniquely focused on helping dealerships capture recall revenue.  All we do is work on finding solutions to help dealerships drive service traffic with recalls.  We are 100% focused on helping dealerships make and exceed their goals.  Just ask our customers what they think and they will be happy to tell you!

On average our dealers partners MAKE MORE REVENUE on our program than ANY OTHER PROGRAMS ON THE MARKET!

Our Solutions

We have programs to fit every need!  Complete market coverage, data on cars with recalls for sale at other dealerships to API enterprise solutions.   If you need recall data, we are your best resource!

Dealer 360 Pro

The 360 Pro solution gives a dealership a 360-Degree coverage of their market for recalls.  

Dealer 360 Pro:

  • Data insights on your DMS data and the recall revenue opportunities.

  • High ROI Recalls on Customer Vehicles.

  • High ROI Recalls on Conquest Customer's vehicles.

  • In Market Vehicles For Sale With Recalls.


  • Drive More RO's

  • Increase Revenue Per RO

  • Bring In New Customers

  • Re-engage Old Customers

  • Build market relationships that help entire FixedOps team.

  • Better CSI Scores


Dealer Pro

The Dealer Pro solution gives In Market Vehicles For Sale With Recalls.

Dealer Pro:

  • Actionable data on vehicles for sale in your market that have recalls.

  • Targeted market analysis.

  • Market Exclusivity.


  • Drive More RO's

  • Build market relationships that help entire FixedOps team.


Enterprise Solution

Our Enterprise solution gives Dealers or Automotive Technology Vendors Access to our best in industry recall data.

For Dealers:

  • Batch Vin Data Scrubbed For Recalls.

  • Specifically Designed Data Analysis and Marketing Opportunities.

Automotive Vendors:

  • ​Access to our best in industry recall data.

  • API or FTP options available

  • Easy Set Up

Pricing -

Project Specifics

Simple Pricing - No Long Term Contracts

Cody - Honda Fixed Ops Dir

The Hare program is one of the best tools we have ever used for bringing in new revenue to our store.  We have run 3 different campaigns that created 299 RO's and made over $100,000 in profit.

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